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Cooking Scholarship Fund
Cooking Scholarship Fund
Ongoing Donations Accepted
Community Supported

Portico's high school and college-aged employees will now have the opportunity to go to any cooking class they like; whether it's for a day, a month, or a year, local, domestic or international. 

Our revolving staff steadily consists of more than 60%  employees under the age of 21, and we feel inspired to promote the values of cooking for oneself. We believe that making food by hand is to be human and helps carry on a cultural legacy, as well as providing economic and health related benefits.

Naturally, cooking classes in Italy are at the top of Portico’s lengthy list of suggestions! This destination includes one such program with a matching funds scholarship from Study Abroad Italy (SAI) , thanks to the generosity of the renowned educational program headquartered right down the street from Portico. We want the scholarship recipients to feel at liberty to pick any type of cooking class they wish; anything from an afternoon class at Sur la Table or an Airbnb “experience” will do, as well as courses in another part of the world to which the soul is drawn.

Customers of Portico will be given the option to donate 1-5% of their bill to the fund. Or you can donate right here! Click the "Contribute here" button  and choose how much you would like to donate in increments of $50.   Employees will be eligible for scholarship monies after 90 days of employment and can receive...  as much as the community can imagine! 

Portico is hiring!


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